How to Weatherproof A Sliding Glass Door

Having a glass door means your home is exposed to weather elements because glass is a considerably poor insulator. It means on a hot day, the glass will allow the penetration of solar energy into your home. On the other hand, on a cold day, glass allows the heat inside your home to escape. It is, however, very possible to reduce the amount of heat that our home loses through the sliding glass door by replacing the doors with low-emissivity doors. The low-E doors have a unique coating, which helps in preventing the radiation of energy through the glass.

If you are a homeowner with no experience in carpentry, you will definitely find it difficult to replace your sliding door broken glass. However, there are other ways of weatherproofing your sliding glass door, which will lower the level of energy lost through the door by a great margin.

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How Wide Is A Sliding Glass Door

All over the country, more and more people have continued to fall in love with sliding glass doors. This is, especially because of the great and continuous views that these doors offer. They also let in adequate natural light into the home. Glass doors are no longer heavy and chunky, and consume less power. In fact, the quality of sliding glass doors has continued to grow by the years. Today, there are easy-to-maneuver sliding glass doors with high energy efficiency.

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How To Lock A Sliding Barn Door

If you have already installed or are considering installing a barn door, then you must be enjoying the rustic style that it brings to your space. However, despite the massive charm that these doors come with, your home security and privacy must always come first, and cannot be compromised for any reason whatsoever. Perhaps you are thinking about installing a barn door but are still worried about whether it will be able to lock. Yes, it does; and here is how.

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How to Adjust Sliding Glass Door

Just like any other sliding door, all other sliding glass doors have tracks. These tracks are essential in giving you an easy time closing and opening the door. The same tracks also help the roller wheels to function appropriately and with ease when directing the door. With time, it is obvious that the sliding glass door track will gather dirt. When this happens, your door will become slower when slid. This automatically calls for cleaning of the tracks. You have the option of using a toothbrush. Use of wire brush has also been common among homeowners. It is more effective for cleaning compared to a toothbrush. When you are done clearing the dirt from the track using the brush, you can suck the remaining dirt using a vacuum cleaner. This will adjust your sliding door as its smooth rolling will be restored.

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How To Level A Sliding Glass Door

When your sliding patio door is not in level, it becomes a disappointment to you when dealing with it. It is further shameful when you have company as it might lead to annoying squeak when you are opening or closing it. This automatically calls for leveling of the glass sliding door. This is just another issue that you can expect in sliding door repair. There are two main ways of ensuring that this achieved. You have the option of easily altering the height of the rollers of the door. Another option is doing a wholesome replacement of the rollers.

Any standard sliding glass door is heavy. This means that it is ideally almost impossible to remove it all alone. It is advisable that you seek assistance. When you are through with removing the door, ensure that you lay it down on a clear space.

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How to Secure A Sliding Glass Door

With a glass sliding door installed, you might be worried about burglars. Although a majority of buglers enter houses through the back door, you can never rule out the possibility of a burglar entering your house through the back door. This makes your patio door a security challenge. However, there are many ways of securing your patio door.

The first step is to add a window film. Every homeowner, including you, wants a naturally well-light house. Doors that flood your house, however, have a number of challenges. They are prone to shuttering by burglars. When burglars shutter your glass door, they gain entry into your house. One of the best measures you should take to protect your wealth from such incidences is by applying a window film on your glass door. In the market, you will find films which you can apply to the door on your own. The market also offers window films that can only be installed by professionals. One such film is 3M, which offers quality protection to your house. They also uniquely blend with the door’s glass making it shatterproof. In the event a burglar breaks your glass door with this film, the glass will break. However, such a burglar will not be able to go through the film itself.

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How to Install Sliding Glass Door

As a homeowner, you are very likely to install a sliding door. This is because it has the advantage of letting in sunlight and can give you easy access to your backyard or patio. It is advisable that you install your sliding glass door where a large front door ought to be. It replaces the door to give you the desired impression. It is possible to install this sliding glass door by yourself within a few hours. You will need a helping hand to assist you because the glass doors are heavy. This can be a friend or a family member. Let us learn the steps involved in the successful installation of a sliding glass door.

First, you will have to remove the old door. You will have to cut away both the interior and exterior trim. You can cut both the caulk and paint binding the door to the wall using a knife. This should be done with much care to avoid damaging the wall.

You can proceed to remove the door out of its place. With assistance from your aid, you can lift the door out of its frame. For double doors, ensure that you remove them one at a time. This is because they are heavy and can easily cause injuries.

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How To Remove Sliding Glass Door

You will need someone to help you when you want to remove a sliding door due to how heavy the door can be. If your door has a problem and cannot open properly or if you need to replace it, you will have to remove it. You may need the services of an expert, but if you have someone to help, it won’t be difficult to remove the sliding door to avoid the risk of breaking it.

To remove the sliding door, you will need a flathead screwdriver, Philips screwdriver, and foam sheets.

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