Creating Custom or Standard-Sized Sliding Glass Doors

As a homeowner, it is important that you know the standard height of a sliding glass door. The market offers sliding doors of different heights. The height of the door that you require squarely depends on the length of the door opening at your home. However, the standard height of a sliding glass door stands at 80m inches. The standard width varies from 60 inches to about 72 inches. The width is also very dependent on the available space.

Creating Custom or Standard-Sized Sliding Glass Doors

For the exterior sliding door, there are a number of factors that have to be put in place. The exterior doors are usually meant to set in more sunlight compared to the windows. They have also access points to the house. When these considerations are adequately met, they are able to set in the luxurious feel for space. It also sets in a sense of modernity. This gives you an opportunity to view your patio or lawn from the precincts of your house. If you have some problems with your glass door, wheels or bolts, just call or email (877) 299-9179 24/7.

You have to ensure that the sliding glass door you purchase from the market meets all the required standards. This means that you will have to acquire it from a registered and experienced manufacturer with positive reviews from customers pit have served in the past.

Standard Sizes for Sliding Glass Doors

The importance of measuring the door frames is inspired by the likelihood of replacements in the future. Sliding glass doors usually have two main sections which include the fixed glass panel and the sliding glass panel. However, the market has also availed three-panel doors in the recent past.

Depending on the width of your door, you can choose from these two-panel sliding glass doors. First, there are the smallest widths which measure 60 inches or 5 feet. They are ideal for smaller interior door spaces, especially in homes. There is then the 72 inches or 6 feet width alternative which you can install for the exterior door opening of your living room. Compared to the other version, this two-panel sliding glass door can bring in more light to your home. The 96 inches or 8 feet width door is the largest in this category. it can only be used in the front exterior door of your house.

There are also the three-panel sliding doors. These also have standard widths. The first width in this category measures 108 inches which are equivalent to 9 feet. They are very large and can be used even in office entrances. Actually, these doors are ideal for buildings with high human traffic. Another set of doors are those that measure up to 144 inches which is equivalent to 12 feet. These are not only enormous but also ideal for commercial purposes.

On heights, there are sliding glass doors that measure 80 inches. This translates into about o6 feet and 8 inches. This is the shortest among all the sliding glass doors. the second in this list measures about 82 inches. This is equivalent to 6 feet and 10 inches. They are very common in homes. The other category of sliding glass doors measure up to 96 inches. This is about 8 feet. They are ideal for both domestic and commercial use.

There are a number of factors that will determine the size of the door you will go for. These include the side of the door opening, budget, your preference, and the purpose of the door. Other factors that you will have to take to account include the safety of the door and the quality of glass that you would want to be installed. Low e-glass is the most recommended glass for its ability to block UV rays that can cause damage to furniture in your home.