Fixing a Sliding Patio Door Lock

The sliding patio door is usually used a lot. This can easily result in the jamming of the locks or even breaking. Without the locks, then the security of you patio will be badly compromised. It is advisable that you replace such a lock with immediate effect if it is not serving its purpose. However, there is also the possibility that all you need to replace on the lock is actually the latch. Using this DIY, you will be able to attain this goal effectively.

Fixing a Sliding Patio Door Lock

Step 1 – Determining the Model

Check the corner edge of your sliding door to get the name of the manufacturer. This is also a common point for engraving the model number of your door. This information will help you get the right latch to replace the existing one. Write the information down. If you have problems with your glass doors, rollers or bolts don't estimate to call us for fully equipped contractors.

Step 2 – Removing the Handles

With the aid of a Phillips-head screwdriver, take the handles off the door. You should then ensure that the latch does not fall into the door frame as this will further complicate issues. You will achieve this by replacing the bottom screw in the hole where it was fixed initially.

Step 3 – Removing the Screws

The latch is usually held to the door by at least two screws. Take out the two screws and slowly draw out the latch mechanism together with its cartridge.

Step 4 – Finding a Replacement

Go to the hardware in the neighborhood to find a similar compatible replacement. This is what you will install on the door. The installation process is as easy. You will only be required to reverse the same steps used when removing it.

In most instances, these components usually come with a guide on how best you can undertake the installation process. You will have to observe these manufacturer’s instructions to get the best results.

Adjusting the Screws

For the latch to be effectively attached to the door, then you must have two screws. These come as a package with the replacement set you have just bought. Insert the whole latch mechanism together with its cartridge that you left in the previous space. Using a screwdriver, insert and screw in the two screws. This will hold the latch to the door.

Attaching the Handles

This is best done using a Phillips-head screwdriver. Check on whether the handles are aligned on both sides of the sliding glass door. Carefully hold the latch such that it does not fall into the sliding door’s frame. In the event that this happens, you will have encountered a setback in the repair process. Ensure that the screws are fixed in the right holes and tighten them as instructed in the manufacturer’s guide.


As you engage in this DIY it is imperative that you observe your own safety and the safety of those around you. If adequate measures are not taken in to account to achieve these safety measures, then there is the likelihood of injuries and further destruction on the sliding door patio itself.

The first safety measure involves you dressing appropriately for the task ahead of you. You will first have to get eye goggles to protect your eyes from falling objects that could fall on them. It is also necessary that you wear safety boots since you will be dealing with sharp objects. It is also advisable that you wear leather gloves for this purpose. Ensure also that kids stay away from where you are doing this repair lest they are pricked by sharp objects in use. Ensure that you strictly observe the guide provided for the manufacturer. This guarantees you the best ever results.