Glass Door Repair: How to Replace Glass

As an armature, you will find it a bit challenging to replace the glass on your sliding door. However, you need not worry. All you require is a guide that will help you sail through the process smoothly. The most important thing you should have in mind is that functionality should not be compromised after you have replaced the glass door. The information availed here will be very useful when you will repair your glass sliding door.

Glass Door Repair: How to Replace Glass


If you opt for DIY, then there are a number of safety measures that you will have to put in place in order to protect yourself and your loved ones. Replacing a broken glass on the glass door can be a very tricky and messy exercise. You will first have to ensure that you have a friend who will help you during this process. You need help to carry the broken glass out and even to install a new one. Since glass can easily cut you, you will have to wear rubber gloves on your hands to effectively perform this task effectively. Ensure you avail of a pair of gloves to your assistant too. If you have some problems with your glass door, wheels or bolts, just call (877) 299-9179 24/7.

Get yourself a helmet to protect you from falling objects as you go about this activity. Head injuries are likely to be fatal. You can avoid this by wearing the helmet. This also applies to your feet. Imagine stepping on broken glass as you go about the repair exercise. You might end up losing a lot of blood. Wear safety boots. For the other users of the facility, you should cordon off the area where you are doing the repair.

Before you Repair

There are a number of factors that you will have to keep in mind just before you start the process. First, note that almost all sliding doors have dual pane windows. This means that on either side there is a pane of glass sealed. This might make the repair process very complicated but not impossible. There is a lot more that you will need to do apart from removing the broken pane and installing a new one. For accuracy purposes, you will have to take the measurements of the length and the width of the glass that you are going to repair. These measurements will be of much help when getting a replacement piece. You also have to wear safety goggles such that your eyes are safe from flying objects especially debris from the shattered glass door

Remove the Tape

Check on the door frame to see whether the sliding glass door is attached to the door frame by a tape. To effectively remove broken window pane from the frame, you will have to release it from the tape binds it at that location. This does not need a very complex tool to achieve. All you will need is a utility knife. Carefully, insert the blade of the knife in between the glass pan and the glass door’s frame. Start from the top of the door by slicing the tape across. With a firm grip of the knife, tear it downwards and on the bottom. Repeat this until the tape is completely removed.

Remove Old Glass

You should then remove the broken glass pane with the help of a friend out of the door. In a gentle manner, push the glass of the door. After removing the glass, ensure that you save the rubber setting on the bottom of the door frame for the new pane of glass. You can now install the new glass into the door. Ensure that the installed glass fits aptly into the left space.