How to Add Sliding Doors to a Pole Barn

As a homeowner, one of your desires is to make your entrance more functional and accessible. Sliding doors on a pole barn can help you meet this desire. The main functions of a door include allowing for the entry and exit out of your house. When closed, the door also offers security for the interior of the house. Compared to sliding doors, doors that open inwardly or outwardly can prove to be inconveniencing. This explains the ever-growing demand for sliding doors. When you have a sliding door on your pole barn, then there will be less interruption. You can achieve this using a mounting kit that is commercially available. The following steps will be very essential when adding your sliding poles to a pole barn.

How to Add Sliding Doors to a Pole Barn

Buy a Sliding Door Mounting Kit

When going for the DIY option; it is advisable that you purchase a mounting kit. These kits are usually available in the market and assure you of a perfect finish when keenly observed. You can either construct the desired door panels using materials you have purchased or buy a finished one from the hardware shop. If you have problems with your glass doors, wheels or bolts, just call or email us. We are open every day.

Attaching the Mounting Board

The joists act as an anchorage onto the pole barn. Nail the mounting board onto joists. There is a key consideration that you will have to make during this time. First, the mounting board must be large compared to the door rails. This will help in ensuring that it sustains weight applied onto it by the sliding door.

Assembling the Door Track

Manufacturers always provide instructions on how best the door tracks can be assembled. Use these instructions when assembling the door to ensure that all the supports are correctly placed. It is important to ensure that the door is straight. Focus on the point at which the door track will be joined to a mounting board. You can achieve this using the carpenter’s level.

Drilling and Attaching

Your safety is very important in this step. You will have to wear protective goggles. With the aid of a bradawl, generate lead holes on the mounting board. It is these lead holes that you will drill. After you have located all the points at which the holes will be, drill all of them. Attach the door rails to the mounting board at this point. The mounting kit comes with a number of attachments hardware. Ensure that you use all of them correctly.

Assembling the door and mounting rollers

In case you opted to build your door on your own, you can assemble it at this point. After the assembly, check on what is prescribed on your kit. It either prescribes that you attach the rollers to the top or to both the top and bottom of the door.

Get an Assistant

The installation of the door is energy-intensive. You will have to get an extra hand to help you out. Ensure that you get at least two people to help out. One of these aides should climb the ladder and help fix the door in place. The other two should help guide the door into the track. In case you have a double door, ensure the same procedure is followed in installing the other panel.

Testing the Door

You will have to find out whether the door is functioning as intended. For the door not to slide from the track, you will have to install stops. You can then install other components such as locks. Painting can also be done at this point. At this point, you can check if the door is functioning as intended.