How to Clean and Lubricate Your Sliding Doors

Tracks and rollers help the sliding door to operate smoothly. They need to be cleaned and regulated often. When one fails to take care of them, they can cause damage of the sliding door and hence would involve expenses to repair and replace them.

How to Clean and Lubricate Your Sliding Doors

There are two methods of cleaning and maintaining the condition of your sliding door. You can either do it in a thorough way and a quick way. The thorough method is usually done at least once a year in order to maintain the sliding door tracks and rollers properly. This entails removing the screen if any, then removing the sliding doors for cleaning and lubricating. The quick way method is done weekly or monthly without the removal of screens or sliding doors. If you have some problems with your sliding glass doors, wheels or bolts don't estimate to call or email (877) 299-9179 24/7.

The following guide will lead you on how to clean and lubricate your sliding doors both a thorough way and the quick way.

The Thorough Way

If you want to clean and lubricate the track of your sliding door thoroughly at least once a year, then this is the method to use. First, remove the screen door if you have it and it will easily lift up and out of track.

  • Remove curtains or any other window furnishings like drapes or binds from your door.
  • Lift the door up so that the wheels on the bottom of the door clear the track.
  • Use a screwdriver to loosen the screws for the bottom wheels in order to get them to clear the bottom threshold.
  • Push the door upward as you pull it towards you at the same time until it clears the door opening.
  • Loosen the dirt and hair from the wheels using a wire brush.
  • Apply a non-stick silicone lubricant on the wheels.
  • Place the door on two sawhorses to allow you to clean the track wheels.
  • Slide the door back and forth repeatedly until it slides smoothly.
  • Vacuum the debris from the wheels and the entire bottom and top of the door.
  • Let the rollers drop into the bottom track.
  • Identify any loosened screws and retighten them.
  • Push the door up to allow the bottom rollers to clear the bottom threshold.
  • Test the rollers until you are sure that they have no debris and are moving freely.
  • Vacuum the door track.
  • Wipe out the door track using a wet rag.
  • Apply lubricant to the tracks in the door opening before you replace the door.
  • Lift the door from the sawhorses, and position the top of the door inside the top track of the door opening.

The Quick Way

This method involves cleaning and lubricating the track to your sliding door either monthly or weekly while it is not gummed up with dirt and grime, you can get your door sliding smoothly again in about 15 minutes.

  • Use an attachment with a narrow tip to vacuum the loosened dirt.
  • Slide the door all the way open so that you can access the other side of the track.
  • Using a rag apply generous amounts of a non-stick lubricant to both tracks of the sliding door.
  • Use a flat blade screwdriver to scrape out the dirt and debris from the track.
  • Thoroughly vacuum the track to your door while it is still closed.