How to Fix Common Sliding Door Problems

Whether you want to allow beautiful streams of light into your house, or you just want easy access to the external temperatures, a sliding glass door will always be the way to go. Also, these doors increase the aesthetic value of your home a great deal. However, like any other fittings, it is typical of the sliding glass door to develop some problems with time. When this happens, do not panic because you can always fix these problems without much ado. The following are the most common sliding glass door problems and how you can easily fix them.
How to Fix Common Sliding Door Problems

Bent Track

The track can bend if hit by any strong force or heavy object. Whenever this happens, the track becomes narrower or crooked, meaning that it won’t allow the roller to move freely. Any attempt to push the door along the track will instead push it off the track if it is an outward bend. If it is an inward bend, it will pinch the roller so that it won’t move. To fix an inward bend, bend the track back into place using a strong pair of pliers. If it is an outward bend, you will need to first remove the door to avoid damages. Place a block of wood against the bent track and use a rubber mallet to keenly hammer it back into its right shape and size. The role of the block of wood is to spread the force from the blow so that it covers a larger area. Remember to tap gently if you did not remove the door so that you don’t damage it. If you have some problems with your sliding patio doors, wheels or bolts don't estimate to call or email us. We are open 24/7.

Dirty Rollers

When a lot of dirt accumulates on the rollers, it makes it difficult to slide the door open or closed. Use a thin crevice tool attached to your vacuum to remove the debris that is blocking the rollers. After that, scrub away any remaining traces of debris using a wet paper towel.

Wheels Need Adjustment

It is also possible that the rollers are offline. When this happens, the door jumps off its track. Correcting this problem involves adjusting the bottom screws that hold the roller wheels in place. Turn these screws clockwise to raise the door and counterclockwise to lower it. You will need to adjust both sides of the sliding glass door to achieve an even adjustment.

Rusted or Broken Roller

It is common, especially in areas with salty air, to experience this problem. To repair rusted or broken rollers, start by removing both the sliding glass door and the stationary door. Now unscrew the roller and get a replacement from the hardware store. Install the new roller and remount your sliding glass door. Adjust the wheels to their appropriate height. Remount the stationary door and securer appropriately.

Broken Glass

A broken glass door exposes you and your family to injuries and attack by criminals. It will also let in dirt into the house. To repair it, start by removing the glass from the seal. Clean up the broken pieces. Find a replacement glass and fit, and then seal the new glass. Be very careful when handling broken glass as it can easily cause injuries. You also risk breaking the replacement glass if you don’t handle properly, so take time and give it a gentle touch.

Get a professional and save time

Even though it is possible to fix these problems by DIY, some of these tasks are quite difficult and risky for a non-professional. To avoid injuries and also save time, consider getting a professional to help you fix the damage.