How to Install Sliding Glass Door

As a homeowner, you are very likely to install a sliding door. This is because it has the advantage of letting in sunlight and can give you easy access to your backyard or patio. It is advisable that you install your sliding glass door where a large front door ought to be. It replaces the door to give you the desired impression. It is possible to install this sliding glass door by yourself within a few hours. You will need a helping hand to assist you because the glass doors are heavy. This can be a friend or a family member. Let us learn the steps involved in the successful installation of a sliding glass door.

First, you will have to remove the old door. You will have to cut away both the interior and exterior trim. You can cut both the caulk and paint binding the door to the wall using a knife. This should be done with much care to avoid damaging the wall.

You can proceed to remove the door out of its place. With assistance from your aid, you can lift the door out of its frame. For double doors, ensure that you remove them one at a time. This is because they are heavy and can easily cause injuries.

How to Install Sliding Glass Door

Steps to Install Sliding Glass Door

Proceed to remove nails that hold the door frame in its position. This is only possible after you have removed the trim. You can then remove the screws that hold the door to the frame using an electric screwdriver.

After taking the measurements of the opening, you can now shop for the glass sliding door that aptly fits in the space. When taking the measurement, make sure that you measure both the length and width.

You can now visit a sliding doors store and make your purchase. When shopping, ensure you have the door’s measurement and a tape measure with you to confirm the size. There are different frames for glass doors. They can be wooden, vinyl, or even aluminum. This, together with the quality of the door, goes a long way to inform the price of the door.

Use a carpenter’s level to ensure that all the sides of the door fit into the space left. You should always also make sure you have removed all other forgotten materials to ensure easy patio door repair.

You can now proceed to install your glass door. Apply an adhesive waterproof tape to protect the door and its edges from water damage. From this step, you can now set the door frame into its position. Ensure you install the door correctly. This will also make your work easy in case of the emergency sliding door repair. You can now screw the frame in its place on all the sides. This should include both the upper and the lower widths. The sides should also be screwed. Use a level to ensure that it has been installed correctly. Onto the frame, install the sliding glass panels. Ensure that the glass panels slide smoothly. You can now screw onto the slides handles. You will have installed your glass door. Your sliding glass door is ready for use. Ensure you follow these steps during an emergency sliding door repair.