How to Secure your Sliding Glass Doors

The transparent glass panes of your sliding doors provide a unique eye-catching and are super attractive. They allow enough light into the house. The risks with sliding glass are obvious, very common. They are always a big temptation to thieves. However, this cannot be enough reason for you to fear to install sliding glass doors. Likewise, a sliding glass door can be removed from the track if they aren't installed properly. The latches are also not so dependable as the common deadbolts. I have summed up some methods you can use to secure your home when using the sliding glass door.

How to Secure your Sliding Glass Doors

The Security Sensors

The sensor is a must-install security gadget because it always gives signals when your home is being invaded. Because of the ability to alert and inform, they are necessary to be installed to ant door that has a sliding glass. Sliding glasses are easily broken into, therefore you don't have to be worried since they send signals to an alarm panel when the glass is interfered with or opened, either sending an alarm sound or calling your alarm company directly, depending on the type of the security system. However, if the alarm is off, the sliding panel will still open or close without the sensors activating. If you have some problems with your sliding patio doors, wheels or bolts don't estimate to call or email 24/7.

The Alarm

Just like the word shatter, this alarm always gives a glass breaking sound and the vibrations of the glasses scattering down. As a result, the alarm alerts you. Many companies that offer security services will charge some cash for a shatter alarm. According to me that is worth it because security is important.

Use of Washers or Screws

For preventing the sliding glass door from being lifted up, the use of washers or metal screw helps hold tight the sliding door from being lifted out of the frame. It also works as a stopper which prevents the glass from being elevated past a certain height. Remember to make sure that the glass door can still slides to and fro while on the track with a lot of ease, that is, before securing a washer or screw to be sure that the sliding glass is not interfered with.

The Dowel Rods

This is round metallic stick that fits well into the track of a sliding glass door or window to prevent the glass pane from sliding across the track. If the latch on the sliding glass door is interfered with, the door will not open because it's been shut on the other side. Once the rods are measured, they fit into the track causing it to be firm.

The Use of Heavier Locks

The use of the common, basic latches is very insecure due to the ease of their breakage if someone tried to break them. So you are advised to go for heavy-duty security locks specifically designed only for sliding doors and windows. These type of locks are steadier, double-bolted, very strong and harder to tamper with than the basic sliding glass latches.

Note the following important points:

  • Replace the basic sliding glass door latch with a heavier lock.

  • Make sure you fit a dowel rod into the track of your sliding door to stop the door from sliding open.

  • On top of the frame, insert a metal screw or washer to stop the glass panels from being raised and being lifted off the track.

  • It is also necessary to install a security sensor that sends an alarm when your sliding door is being tampered with.

  • Put on a shatter alarm or any sound that will send signals to you when your sliding glass door is being broken into.