How You Can Remove One Glass Pane from a Double Pane Sliding Door

You could be intending to remove a glass panel from the double pane sliding door. This can be due to the breakage of one of the panes. For this process to end smoothly, you will need to take into account a number of factors. For some homeowners, replacing just a single glass pane seems impossible. As such, they would prefer to purchase a new door. This is not recommended because there is a cheaper alternative in addressing these breakages. When you go for the whole door, you will not only spend a fortune unnecessarily. This explains the importance of taking into time to zero into the most favorable solution that will save you money. The solution that you come up with should also be able to prevent you from uninstalling the old door and installing new sliding glass doors. All you will have to do is to master and keenly follow the steps that will help you have a seamless repair process. You should also get all the necessary tools correctly to make the job easier and attainable.

How You Can Remove One Glass Pane from a Double Pane Sliding Door

Step 1 - Prepare the Area

In all repair exercises, you will always have to prepare to realize the best outcome. The first step that you will have to take is to ensure that you will have tom lay a tarp underneath the area you will be working on. This is very important when you are cutting glass. The glass debris should not injure anyone after you are done with the process. When done with setting up the area, get yourself a pair of safety goggles and rubber gloves. These are very important owing to the fact that glass can be very dangerous if handled carelessly. If you have some problems with your glass door, wheels or locks, just call us. We are open 24/7.

Step 2 - Pick out Area

The first measure we have seen involves protecting the area within which you are going to work. It is now time to identify the point on the door from which you are going to start the whole process. With the back of your hammer, tap on the point you want to start from until a crack forms. After you have created the crack, you can then start to pry out the smaller pieces of the glass. Be slow and careful when you are doing this. Although there is a tarp you have laid down, you don’t intend to have a lot of debris strewn on the floor. The debris may scatter to uncovered areas.

Step 3 - Cut Glass

With the help of a glass cutter, you can start cutting the thick pieces of glass that are used in the sliding doors. This is a somehow slow process owing to the size of the glass so you don’t have to rush it. Ensure that all the large pieces of glass are obtained and that the small splinters that can easily prick someone are removed. This is for the purposes of everyone’s safety. You do not want to treat kids due to injuries caused by your failure to keep the working space secure for everyone.

Step 4 - Finish Removing Glass

Having put on the gloves, you can proceed to pry out the remaining larger chunks of glass using your hands. The removed chunks can then be placed at a central place near you. For this purpose, it is advisable that you have a bucket with you. This will put the glass out of your way whenever you are through with it. To effectively remove the glass, you should ensure that as much putty as possible is removed along the glass to make the process easier. This should be done slowly in order to avoid causing damage to the pane glass you intend to keep in place for the replacement glass.