Important Considerations when installing French Doors

French doors have been used over the years in homes, offices, dining rooms, living rooms, master bedrooms, and many more spaces. Their preference is attributed to their timelessness bringing the outdoor into your house. They also enable movement from one room to the other. They are also adored for their ability to enhance privacy while at the same time aiding in visual connection between two spaces. They can also be used with screen door systems to enhance airflow into living spaces. You can install both curtains and blinds on the exterior windows with the aim of enhancing privacy. There are a number of considerations that you will have to make to enjoy these features.

Important Considerations when installing French Doors

Style of the door and its size

There are a number of decisions to make just before you purchase your set of French doors and window types. These decisions also apply to the glass type and the material used to make the door. The size and color of the door are also factors to be considered. Normally, the most common French door design is the divided glass panes design. There are various French door types on offer from manufacturers. The manufacturers can also customize for you the doors as per the structure of your house and your desire. It is important that the door you choose has a three-point locking system. This locks the head jamb and the sill instead of just one side. There are two types of French doors when you categorize them with how they swing. There are those that swing inwardly and those that swing outwardly. You have to plan on which of these swings you will have for your house. If this is not done, then there won’t be enough space to swing the door. You will also have to get the right measurements that the doors will fit into. Usually, French doors measure 1 foot 6 inches with a width of 3 feet. Other available heights include 6 feet 8 inches, 7 feet, and 8 feet. Older houses demands for customized sizes. If you have some problems with your glass door, wheels or bolts, just call 24/7.

How to install French Doors

The most important aspect of the installation of a French door entails establishing the radius of the swing and making sure that the said radius is clear. You will have to measure this lest you install doors that cannot swing open or close effectively. The second factor that you should establish is the depth of the jamb opening. This will effectively direct you on the right side of the French door that will fit into the available space. For a newer home, you don’t have to worry much. Usually, contractors take into account the standard widths and heights for the door openings as they work on the project. The standardized sizes will hence fit easily into the gaping spaces.

When you are dealing with the standard door frames, you can be assured of many other alternatives that you can explore. The standard frames also have pre-hung kits available in the market to make your work easier and executable. You most probably need this if you have chosen the Do It Yourself option. With the pre-hung kits, you will be able to easily install the door as per your desires. With pre-hung doors, you will be able to avoid most of the steps that you should be following as you install the door. Manufacturers will always enclose a guideline to help you perform these activities more easily. Ensure that you adhere to the provided guidelines for the best results.

When you put all these factors into consideration, then you will be able to effectively install your French door.