Installation Costs of French Doors

In recent times, homeowners prefer open and well-aired rooms and living areas. This can only be achieved by installing more glass surfaces. You can make the existing openings larger. You will notice that a number of homeowners expand their windows into picture windows. However, there are those who have sought to convert their windows into French glass doors. This can be a costly procedure depending on your geographical location and the scope of the project that you intend to undertake. in most instances, installing a French door can cost you up to $525. However, a number of factors will determine the cost.

Installation Costs of French Doors

The first determinant is the material used. Your choice of the door will have a lot of implications for the total cost. In most instances, these doors usually cost anything between $400 and $2000. The cost squarely depends on the quality of the door. If you go for the customized doors, then it will cost you about $8000 or even more. The type of frame used and the glass also play a determinative role. When using materials such as mahogany or glass, then you can for sure expect the cost to soar higher. Insulation and e-glazing also inflate the cost in the long run. If you have some problems with your glass doors, rollers or bolts don't estimate to call us and get 24/7 service.

In the event that the space beneath the window has power outlets, then the contractor will have to engage the services of an electrical company to help reroute the wiring. This will inflate the budget at hand. It is advisable that you avoid such walls when adding a French door. Since there is a need to install switches next to the door, you will have to hire an electrician. This equally impacts the total cost of the installation.

Your roof could be hanging just above the point where you intend to make a door. This means that you will be embarking on a roof repair project at this point too. The overhanging roof will have to be lifted higher to keep the house in good shape. Alternatively, you can purchase an awning that will sit over the door. This will impact on your spending during this project. For basic awning, you will be spending at least $100. In other instances, it costs up to $500 for the basic awning. If you opt for the motorized versions, then you will have to spend between $900 and $3000.

The presence of the stairs can further inflate the cost of installation. Most homes are raised from the ground as a flood averting strategy. This would mean that installing an extra door will call for the construction of adding more steps to the door. When you add additional brick steps to aid in accessing the door, then you will have part with between $800 and $1500 to get a 25-foot by a 4-foot-long walkway. When you lay a deck, it will cost you between $15 and $35. This will squarely depend on the type of boards that will be used. The cheapest alternative is redwood. It can cost about $5 for every board. Composite decking is the most expensive alternative in this scenario. It will set you back between $20 and $30 for each board.

You will also need to mold the interiors of the installed French door and trim the exteriors. These activities demand both the materials and labor costs. For the interior trimming, you can go for the DIY option. The market currently offers the interior trimming kit at a cost of $150 to $300.

It is important that you contact a window replacement contractor in order to get the most accurate estimate for the project.