Maintenance vs. Repair of Sliding Doors

Prevention is better than cure. In most instances, most homeowners find it difficult to clean their sliding doors during spring. However, if cleaning is not done for a long period of time, then such homeowners will be forced to repair their sliding doors. Finding the cleaning process annoying and even unpleasant might not be an easy task.

Maintenance vs. Repair of Sliding Doors

However, it should be noted that the repair process is more expensive compared to maintenance. This is despite the fact that most of the parts of the sliding glass door are easily available in the local hardware. These components include the glass which is usually at the center of the panel. There is also a handle and a lock. These doors also have weather stripping, track on which the rollers move and the rollers themselves. If you have some problems with your sliding patio door, wheels or bolts don't estimate to call us. We are open 24/7.

Clean the Tracks of Your Sliding Door

Whenever you are cleaning the frame, it is important that you clean the rollers too. This should apply to when you are doing repairs too. A wire brush is the most commonly used item in cleaning the dust and debris that are stuck on the rollers. The rollers are always on the move. This subjects them to wear and tear. There is a need to consistently replace them. When you are lubricating the tracks, you should also lubricate the rollers to enable the door to slide smoothly.

How can you fix Your Track?

For the tracks, it is advisable that you use aerosol-based wax spay. Alternatively, you stand equally good performance when you use non-stick silicon-base. This is because it will not freeze even in the face of the harshest winter. It can also withstand the harshest summer as it does not warp.

If you do all these and the problem persists, then you will have to look out whether the track has caught rust, has bent or has broken. You should also check on the rollers to see whether they should be replaced. If you are leaving in an area with salty ocean air, then you can be assured that you will be replacing the damaged rollers quite often. This demonstrates the importance of maintenance. It saves you a lot of money in the long run compared to the replacements.

Broken Glass Can Be Repaired

In the case of broken glass, most homeowners opt for an entire replacement for the whole affected door. However, you can cost associated with replacing the door by simply repairing it. There are a number of companies that specialize in undertaking such repairs at comparatively low costs.


If you don’t maintain the weather stripping effectively, then you can rest assured that this will have costly implications in the long run. You must have decent weather sealant and stripping.

Lock Issues with Sliding Doors

This qualifies to be one of the most daunting issues with sliding glass doors. The latching of the lock can be troublesome due to the fact that the door is made of glass. This usually happens after some period of time. Continuous use results in bending and even damage. Before you go for the replacement, you should first try cleaning the lock and lubricating it. In the event that the problem is rust, then use a mixture of dish soap and baking soda. Clean it using a still brush and then let it dry up. You can then add some vinegar on to it and scrub using a brush until it becomes clear. This will remove both the dust and dirt that might be in the lock. If this procedure fails to work for you, then you can replace the lock.