Removing Scratches from Glass Doors in 3 Steps

Regardless of how strong your glass door is, it is always going to develop some scratches at some point. These scratches can be caused by different factors. From an animal jumping over the glass door to scratches resulting from movements in the house, one thing that stands is that you cannot avoid them. When these scratches occur, they not only destroy the aesthetic value of your home but also lower its resale value. Engaging an expert to do the repair job for you may seem to be the best option, but the costs can sometimes be unmanageable. Before you go that direction, it is always prudent to try DIY. Here are the steps in repairing your scratched glass door.

Removing Scratches from Glass Doors in 3 Steps

Step 1: Clean the Glass

Cleaning the glass properly removes the scratches from the glass door. As usual, dirt and other particles are not easily seen and some may be dangerous both to your hands and to the surface you are cleaning hence they need to be removed carefully so that you may not damage the glass, spray debris with a hosepipe with a lot of water then wipe it off slowly with a clean rug. It is good to use mild detergents to clean the glass because harsh products always leave a residue that destroys the glass and interferes with the removal of scratches. After putting the detergent on the glass, you allow it to settle for a few minutes then wipe the cleaner with a clean towel. Give the glass door time to dry well before going to the next step. If you have some problems with your patio door, rollers or bolts don't estimate to call us. We are open 24/7.

Step 2: Fill and Treat the Scratches

When you want to repair the scratches, you will have first sufficiently to clean the affected surface. Use tooth gel and wool to scrub together. Put the whitening tooth gel on that surface and thoroughly wash starting with the scratches. Another alternative can also be electric buffer put on moderate speed. Circular movements are always recommended in the application of tooth gel and as you proceed, occasionally remove the tooth gel to confirm how the progress in the cleaning. The reason is to allow the small particles in the paste to occupy the spaces in the scratches. Moreover, the same principle is the same when you want to clean the affected surfaces of disks.

Step 3: Wash the Glass Door With Ammonia

Safety is of utmost essence at this step. Therefore, you will need protective gear like rubber gloves, eyeglasses for eye protection and also face mask. Have a measuring mug to measure both water and ammonia in 2 units each then mix them well. Using the mixture, apply the mixture by a sponge to clean the glass. Use a clean, soft towel to dry the surface gently.

Check to see if the scratches on the glass are completely gone. You will know they are gone when you can hardly see them with your naked eye. If the scratches in the glass had gone too deep, there will be no improvement. That means you will need to involve a professional glass technician. It the results are positive, proceed to repeat the steps until you get perfect visual results.