Replacing a Sliding Glass Door Panel

Glass panels can at times break. To maintain the beauty of your door and your home at large, you will have to replace the panel. This is not a difficult process. You can opt for the DIY option to effectively accomplish this mission. This will not consume a lot of your tome.

Replacing a Sliding Glass Door Panel

There are a number of safety measures that you will have to put in place before you embark on the exercise. First, the door panels are usually heavy and delicate at the same time. Carrying the all alone is tantamount to destruction and further expenses that most definitely you would never want to incur. You will have to get a friend to help you with the process. If you have problems with your sliding glass doors, rollers or locks don't estimate to call or email our experts.

Another safety measure that you will have to observe is wearing safety gear. You will have to protect yourself from injuries that you might sustain in the process of replacing the door. The first among these is the rubber gloves. They will be of great assistance when handling the door and will cushion your hands against injury.

You will also need safety boots during this process. Safety boots protect your feet against sharp objects that might prick you as you replace the panel. In most instances, screws left on the floor when doing repairs tend to prick when stepped on. You don’t want such an avoidable injury to beget you.

You will also have to wear a helmet. In the process of replacing the panel, you might have objects falling on you. With the helmet, your head gets protection from such injuries to your own advantage.

Ensure that you also consider the safety of other occupants of the house such as children. You will have to locate where each of them is if any and ensure that they steer clear of the site. This will help you minimize unforeseen injuries.

Removing the Doors

Sliding doors are usually installed using screws. These screws are located either on top of the sliding glass door or at the bottom. These screws are usually used when adjusting the door either upwards or downwards. To effectively remove the door, loosen these screws to bring the door down and remove it. Ensure that you do this gently as your assistant supports the door. This will prevent the door from falling and breaking.

Different people have varied intentions when removing these doors. There are those who would want to remove the doors without the frames while others would want to remove both the door and the frame. For those who are removing the door only, at this point you can just place back the new door. If you are removing both the door and the frame, then you should note that there are screws that hold the frame into its position. You will have to locate these screws and remove them from the wall they are attached to. You can then remove the frame and get a new one to replace it with. The frame is first fastened on the wall using screws. The door is later mounted onto the frame using screws too.

Repairing Your Sliders

During this process, it is important that you repair your slider’s components. These parts are available from your slider’s manufacturer. This will help you to effectively replace the defective parts with quality products. When you will be replacing the glass, then you will have to remove the whole glass door and in its place, replace it with a new one. These can also be obtained from the manufacturer.

These steps are very essential in replacing your sliding door panels. Ensure you adhere to the manufacturer’s instructions for the best results.