Securing Sliding Patio Doors

Sliding patio doors provide ultimate beauty for your house. Besides, they also come with the advantage of energy efficiency. The beauty that strikes the home as the setting sun shines in through the sliding patio door is an experience everyone craves for. Despite these, and many other benefits that make these doors to stand out, their security is always at stake. Remember a burglar will judge the valuables in the house by looking at the outward appearance of the home. The beauty that comes from the sliding patio doors is, therefore, an attraction to the burglars.

Securing Sliding Patio Doors

Sliding glass door is not only attractive to burglars; they are also susceptible to break-ins. It, therefore, poses more home security risk than the ordinary door. But why are they so susceptible? If you have problems with your sliding glass door, wheels or bolts don't estimate to call or email us and get free consultation.

These doors depend on latches instead of locks. Latches are not as strong and secure as locks, meaning that it won’t take a lot of expertise to break in. alternatively, the burglars can still opt to lift off the door from its track and pull it out to give them way. Surprisingly, this is something that most seasoned burglars will do without using any tool. And the door itself cannot withstand a hit from a brick. That is how vulnerable the sliding glass door can be.

How, then, can you make your sliding patio door more secure? The following methods are common when it comes to securing your patio door.

Using blocking bars

This is a simple method that involves inserting a wooden bar along the bottom track of the sliding door. Ensure the bar is long enough so that there is no opening. If there has to be an opening, ensure it is as small as possible. This bar will make it very difficult for a burglar to push in past the door even if they succeed to overcome the latch. Alternatively, you can use a Charlie bar to block the waist level. This option makes it easy for you to open the door while still offering the additional security that you want. The advantage is that you do not have to bend down to the floor in order to open the door.

Using a Security Pin

The greatest risk with sliding patio doors is that a burglar is able to simply lift the door from its track and gain entry into your house. However, you can make this harder by drilling a hole through the door’s frame to slide into the frame of the stationary side of the door. Make sure the hole does not go all the way through. After drilling the hole, you will be inserting a steel patio door pin, which will hold together the two sides of the door. The pin lock helps to prevent the burglar from lifting the door off the track. The good news is that you can easily purchase these locks from your local hardware and install yourself without having to pay an expert, provided you follow the instructions to ensure that the rollers are in good condition.

Applying shatterproof film

Using shatterproof film on your sliding glass doors will help you to improve the door’s security without compromising the beautiful view. When you apply shatterproof film to your sliding patio door, it will bar the burglars from gaining quick entry into your home by breaking the glass.

Using a monitored alarm system

Regardless of how much physical security measures you will put in place, your door still remains vulnerable depending on how sophisticated and determined the burglar will be. One way of keeping these intruders away is by installing a well-monitored home security alarm. You can get professionally installed glass break sensors or any other type of home security alarm. Always ensure it is properly installed.