Sliding Barn Door with Skateboard Wheels

Some homeowners opt for skateboard wheels when making their sliding barn door. You could among those who desire to undertake the same strategy. This can be a very simple process if you are well guided through it. There are a number of materials that you will first have to put in place. These materials are available in your local hardware. These materials include skateboard wheels and bearings. You will also have to purchase galvanized steel rails. For the angle iron, you will have to make sure that it measures 1x1 in length. For the flat stock steel, buy 2 pieces measuring 4’ long. Ensure that you also get nuts, bolts and washers. Get an extra piece of wood.

Sliding Barn Door with Skateboard Wheels

Some of the tools you will need to successfully execute this duty include clamps and a tape measure. You will also need a jigsaw, a hammer and a drill press. A carpenter’s level will also come in handy to successfully execute this exercise. If you have problems with your patio door, rollers or bolts, just call us. We fix all door.


The first step involves cutting the steel into two make 24 inches of strips. Bend the strips into U shapes with the aid of a 1-inch steel rod. You will have to clamp the rod on the table. To effectively execute this, you will have to hold both ends of the steel and bend it upwards.

The part near the pipe will have to be bent using the hammer. This will make the bend tighter to form the required inches space between either side of the flat steel. Space should measure 1-1/4 inches.

Get a small piece of wood and place it between the steel to give support as you drill the pilot holes on the marks you will have made. Replace the drill with a 5/16” to effectively drill the required holes on which you will mount the axle.

The holes in the drills are made without taking into account any exact measures. You only have to make sure that the wheel can rotate without touching bent parts of the steel. You can then place the washers in between the wheel sides and the wheels to avoid contact when screwing down the bolt. Considering the thickness of your door, you can insert different sizes of the washers until you get the right one that will finally fit.

You can now drill two holes on either end of the flat steel. the size of the door you are using will determine the type of holes you come up with. Ensure that they are in the solid area of your door.

The length of the railing should be dependent on the width of your door. Take for instance; if your door has a 6’ width, then you are supposed to double the size of the railing to 12’.

In the mounting face, you will have to use the lag bolts you bought from the hardware. You will also have to use the steel washers and 11/16th nuts.

To effectively locate the rail location, you will have to place ½ inch thick spacer on the floor of the door opening. Mark the top edge of the door where you will be mounting it on the rail after you have set it on the spacer. With the tape measure, take another 1/2” to mark the location at which the railing will be. To get a straight line on the surface, you will have to use the carpenter’s level. This should be measuring the same as the length of the railing.

To fix the door into its place, Clamp it at the opening of the door. Alternately, have someone to get hold of it in place. Mark the holes and drill them before screwing them together with the rollers with the bolts and the nuts. Slide the door to ensure flawless movement. End lag bolts should hold the rail and act as a stopper.