Sliding Glass Door Hardware

With time, the sliding glass door gets old. This can be attributed to sunlight and even rain over a long period of time. This might force you to do the repair on your own to restore the door’s lost glory. You definitely want the door to match the handles and the hinges. This needs strategy. Since you are just doing a minor repair, you will have to come up with a small budget of about $25 to achieve this. This repair will only take you 45 minutes.

Sliding Glass Door Hardware

There is a number of supplies that you will need to make this a reality. First among these is a screwdriver that will help you extract old screws and to adjust new ones into place. Secondly, you will need sandpaper to make smooth all the surfaces prior to painting. You will also need rust-Oleum Rubber Bronze and Rust-Oleum clear coat. If you have problems with your sliding patio door, wheels or locks don't estimate to call us for more information.

Such a task has to be divided into smaller bits for effective execution. In the preparation stage, you will first have to remove the sliding glass door from the track. Just locate the two screws holding the door handle and remove them using the screwdriver. Ensure you keep the screws not to lose them when you will want to adjust them back.

Using the sandpaper, scuff the sliding door handle. This allows for better bonding with the surface. You have to ensure that the handles are uniformly scuffed not leaving out any section.

You can now prime these handles. This is done using any color of your preference. For our case, we used Rust-Oleum as it has been a very effective choice ever since. It will cover the surface well as it sticks to anything. You can then coat the sliding glass door using the primer. Spay it and let it dry up. the drying takes up to 20 minutes.

After the first coat has dried up, you can add a second coat. This should be after 30 minutes from the time that the first coat was sprayed. With a brush, apply the handle screws with a thin coat of primer. Clean the screw threads using a steel wool steel brush.

The second stop involves awe-inspiring the topcoat. You intend to get the sliding door hardware that will match the interior of the door hardware. Our color was oil rubbed bronze. Spray the handles and the screws with oil rubbed bronze top coat. Ensure that you do several light coats instead of one thick layer. Light coats usually dry up quickly. The resulting finish will also be very smooth. The painting process will take you a few minutes. With the oil rubbed bronze coat, you can rest assured that the topcoat will be rust-resistant.

You should proceed to protect this layer from harmful UV rays. Get a clear coat to help restrain UV rays. This will also give the sliding door a glossy look. In between, the paintings, you will be giving the sliding door time to dry. The same procedure should the replicated for the handles and the screws. The clear coat layer should be left to dry overnight. After the sliding glass door has dried up, reinstall it back to the track. With the aid of the screws, you can fasten back the handles. Purchasing a new door panel will be much more expensive compared to giving it a glowing look by following these steps. You can share these simple steps with your friends in the future for the best results ever. It has never been this easy.