Two Methods of Childproofing a Screen Door

Screen doors can be a nuisance to playing, running or just curious children around your home or in your house. Youngsters would easily push and pull the screens or slide the doors out of curiosity. They can also find themselves bumping on the doors while running or playing. These can more easily predispose your children to safety hazards and can lead to even more lethal accidents in cases of loose glass doors or crinkly old glass. Screen doors are much more transparent and may not be easily noticed by children and even adults. They must, therefore, be installed with child safety proofs to curtail incidences of safety risks they may pose to your children. Here are two methods for circumventing such terrifying unfortunate situations. The steps are outlined below. While doing this, you will need the following tools: door top lock, drill, pencil, flat tip screwdriver, screen installation tool, pet screen and a knife.

Two Methods of Childproofing a Screen Door

1. Fix an upper door lock

Place a sliding device from a door top lock on top of the door, where it is designed to rest without further installation. Close the door, then slide the device along the top of the door to determine the best position for the peg. Place it where the device will be able to slide back and forth when the door is closed. Place a mark on the door frame where the peg will be placed and remove the device. Drill a pilot hole for the peg and place the peg on top of it. Attach the peg to the door with a screw. Slide the latch around the peg to lock the door and slide it in the opposite direction to release it. You can fasten a non-flashy alarm bell to the door handle. This will caution you just in case a child attempts to open the door. You will need to choose a bell that will not distract or attract the attention of your child. The high pitched door lock system makes it difficult for your children to open the door irrespective of the many attempts they may make in trying to do so. If you have some problems with your patio doors, rollers or locks, just call or email 24/7.

2. Fix a superior pet screen

Uninstall the screen from the frame of the screen door and lay it on a flat surface. Carefully pry the spline out of the groove using a flat tip screwdriver. Once removed, wipe the spline clean with a lint-free cloth in order to remove all grit and dirt. Place the pet screen on top of the frame so that it overlaps with the edges of the groove, at approximately one-eighth of an inch on all sides. Press the screen into the frame's groove using the convex end of a screen installation tool. Push in side by side taking care to ensure the screen is pulled tightly and evenly. Trim any excess screen with a knife by placing the tip of the knife between the spline and outside edge of the groove, then pulling it along the perimeter of the groove. Finally, replace the screen in the frame and store back all your tools where children cannot access them. Dispose of the old screen safely.

The following tips can also be used to enhance child safety at home with your screen doors; ensure your doors are ever closed and locked, use a plastic door positioner to prevent the door from closing on children’s fingers ad in any case the door top lock does not fit your door, fix a safety latch instead.