Why Is My Screen Patio Door Falling Off?

Seasons come with their unique demands. Summers and winters are all different and present dissimilar challenges to you as a homeowner. In summer, the nights are very warm. This means that you will have to leave your patio door open for adequate air circulation. The screen door is usually the only barrier from mosquitoes at night. With heavy human traffic passing through the door, you can be sure of failure of the roller especially on the adjustment areas. The screws on the corners of the doors are also likely to loosen. Eventually, the door will get stuck or worse off, it could fall out when you attempt to slide it. You should however not worry because these screen doors are difficult to adjust. If a roller breaks, you can easily replace it.

Why Is My Screen Patio Door Falling Off?


When you are doing this kind of repair on your own, it is important that you observe all the necessary measures involved. First, you must have rubber gloves to protect your hands. You will also have to wear an overall when undertaking this process. Ensure that you wear a helmet to protect you from falling objects during this exercise. Industrial boots are also necessary to protect your feet against both falling and sharp objects. You should get a friend to help you out during the process. If you have some problems with your sliding glass door, rollers or bolts, just call our company.

Step 1

In the first step, you will have to extract the screen from the frame. With the help of a friend, hold either side of the screen and lift the rollers from the track. Pull the bottom of the slide towards you to extract the rollers on the upper side. Pull the screen off the doorway.

Step 2

Gently and together with your friend, carry the door to a flat surface. Lay the door down and adjust all the screws in the four corners. Usually, loose screws contribute to sagging. When the door sags, then the runners will become loose and fail to be in contact with the upper track.

Step 3

In this step, adjust the height on the rollers. To effectively achieve this, turn to the bottom of the door. Adjust the screws by turning them clockwise using a screwdriver. As you continue tightening the screws, the wheels will rise and come out.

Step 4

This step entails replacing the wheels in case they are chipped or broken. Use a screwdriver to push in the clip found on the door’s side. This will enable you to pry out the wheel. Having pried out the wheel, go with it to the hardware to get a similar one for replacement purposes. The replacement roller is what you will snap back into the track.

Step 5

If you realize that the door is somewhat small for the frame, then you will have to lengthen it. Make loose all the screws on the edges of the door both at the top and at the bottom rails. Glide these rails outside to adjust the door as you desire before tightening the screws. The screen will be able to broaden enough to allow you to make this kind of adjustment.

Step 6

You should be having plies in this step. Check whether the runners on top of the door frame are bent and straighten it with the pliers.

Step 7

Hook the upper runner to the track in order to replace the door. Let someone help you raise the bottom of the door above the lower track and set it down. Ensure that the runners are on the ridge which should, in turn, be inside lower track. The runners have to be on the ridge lest the door falls off once more.