Miami North Bay is a lovely place with sun-kissed hills, the serene environment near the beautiful beach and exquisite condos and maisonettes. Nothing makes one irk like a sliding door that doesn’t quite open to let in the cool sea breeze, or the door parts are broken and worn out and require replacements. Many times we have been phoned to carry out repairs and from the customer feedback and we have proven to be the go-to one-stop-shop for sliding door repairs.

Our Sliding Door Services in North Bay Village

Our tools and experts provide the most efficient customer service, with in -house visits and a toll-free number at your disposal. Our website has discount coupons and loyalty points for our customers during holidays and special weekends. Our team of experts carefully analyzes the problem using cutting edge technology to decide on the best method of repairing these sliding doors. If a replacement of parts is required, we do it promptly.

We first check the rollers for any infrequency in movement and clean the tracks to remove any debris that may have stuck there due to dust particles. Then we check the handles, locks bumpers, guides and locks. If the glass is broken, we advise on the best glass for replacement and include upgrades such as tinted to ensure longevity, and if and when we agree, we have it replaced in no time.

We also offer decorative glass which greatly enhances the ambience as well as double-pane windows which preserve energy within your abode.

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Why Choose Our Company

We have been active in the repair industry for a long time, and the experience in ensuring a smile on every customer’s face has been our number one motivating factor. We aim at maintaining that customer satisfaction by inculcating a sense of responsibility on all our repair technicians such that despite the competition, the number of return customers continues to increase.

North Bay village houses some of the strictest clients and security measures are a no-compromise point when carrying out repairs on their doors. The safety of every workman and client before, during and after repairs is key to our success, especially when carrying out repairs at the client’s home.

Keeping your sliding door sliding is our motto. Give us a call and be the judge.

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