Sliding doors are a fad in North Miami Beach city real estate, and it is almost impossible to pass through a neighborhood without sighting at least ten houses having this great feature. Despite the numerous applications of this type of aperture, they are not immune to wear and tear, and thus, repairs have to be done at intervals to ensure your door is spick and span.

Our Sliding Door Services in North Miami Beach

Our company offers repairs to sliding glass doors of any type using our expertise and sense of style to keep your sliding doors as good as new. From latches and wheels to locks and tempered glass, we have all the parts in case your door needs replacement parts. We clean and lubricate the moving parts while buffing the handles and frame to give you that attractive finishing touch making your home a sight to behold. Some of our services include cleaning the tracks, wheel replacement, door alignment, glass replacements. Our team of dedicated experts handle both in-house and workshop assignments, meaning for non-escalating breakages and replacements, we get the job done right there in your living room while you watch your favorite television show. We offer walk-n customers the option to have a technician accompany them to their home to do a serious inspection of the door so that they can give an informed opinion on the best move forward. Customers who phone through get a prompt response as we always have a repair team on standby to attend to them. Feel free to give us a call on our toll-free number for a quote and a schedule a visit.

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Why Choose Our Company

Since its inception, our company has modeled a creative approach to handling various client needs. Our array of parts leaves customers spoilt for choice when ordering replacements as we offer solutions to suit the varying clientele tastes and preferences. Our services are flexible and cost-friendly to suit your budget projections while remaining rooted in quality and efficiency in service delivery. We always pride ourselves in keeping with trends in client preferences, and this is evident in our catalog. We also advise clients needing replacements on more durable options and how to spot fake replacement parts, this has enabled us to build client trust and referrals doubled over the years.

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