Servicing sliding glass door is a maintenance practice that should be ongoing from the instant your door is installed. These should include mindful handling, greasing of moving parts such as hinges and rollers, washing or cleaning of the glasses etc. This way our door can serve us more years before it becomes necessary to perform a full repair or replacement.

Full door replacement is a bit more expensive than regular repairs.  We are experts in sliding door repairs of all kinds and will highly recommend repair before we can think of a replacement.

We have many years of experience in sliding glass door repair and our company prides itself in the many years of experience in sliding glass door.

Our Sliding Door Services in Oakland Park

Our services are treasured by many in the city of Oakland-park and the communities bestow high level trust in us. Our technicians are also great performers in the field. They enjoy the work and are highly motivated to provide satisfactory sliding glass door repair services to our clients.

We repair door locks, rollers and roller tracks, glass, door frames, lock pads and many other services.

We also stock genuine parts of sliding glass doors and will always carry some of these materials on our trucks to ensure you get the right material whenever a replacement door part is recommended.

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Why Choose Our Company

Our company has been operating in Oakland-park for a great many years now. Our customers have gained tremendous trust on us and our services. We have never changed for worse. We continue to grow in size and skills.

Our technicians get regular training to improve their experiences in handling a variety of sliding glass door repair services for better customer experiences. We are always on the knowledgeable end. By studying the technological trends and conducting market trials, our services are up to date and this ensures we retain our customers for improved door repair services.

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