If you have a sliding glass door in your home, there will come a time the rollers will need replacing. On average, the actual parts will cost approximately $20 to $40 to replace. If you hire a professional to put them in, add in the cost of labor, around $75 to $140. Therefore, you are looking at a total cost for replacing your sliding glass door rollers of between $100 to $200.

First, You Need To Clean The Tracks

The most important step before installing the new rollers is to ensure the track is clean. A dirty track will make new rollers stick, and you will return to square one. Therefore, grab a vacuum cleaner with a long attachment and start sucking out the built-up grime. Also, wipe away any additional dirt using a wet washcloth. In addition, while you are cleaning the tracks, put some lubricant in there. Once your tracks are clean and lubricated, you are ready to install the new rollers.

Next, Install the Rollers

It’s a four-step process to install new sliding glass door rollers. We will briefly touch on each step:

  • Find the screw that holds the existing rollers in place. It is usually found above the screw for adjusting. Loosen all the screws and put them in a safe location.
  • Take the old rollers out gently.
  • Figure out what kind of rollers you need. You will need to bring the old rollers along when you go shopping for new ones.
  • Line up the holes on the new rollers with the screws on the bottom of the door. Now screw in the screws you took out in step one.

Do it Yourself? Or, Hire a Company?

With so many self-help videos available on the internet, do-it-yourself projects are becoming more popular. However, many of our schedules are extremely busy between work, family, and other obligations, so there isn’t time for another project. When this happens, it makes sense to hire a company.

When you do-it-yourself, you buy the parts, watch a YouTube video and install the rollers. No extra cost for labor or materials the contractor buys (usually higher priced than you would have bought).

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