Secure Sliding door

Securing A Sliding Door

It is a no-brainer that sliding doors are a sleek and functional design that adds glamour to a home. But how safe are they? In reality, sliding glass doors can be challenging to secure and pose a safety problem when trying to keep intruders outside and kids and pets inside—they can not compare a sliding glass door to a traditional metal door or even a wooden door.

In this article, we’ve laid down five cool ways to secure your sliding door without sacrificing aesthetics.

Secure Sliding door

Ensure You Use High-Quality Glass

The first and most crucial tip is to ensure that your sliding glass door is made from high-quality glass. This will ensure that the glass does not shatter easily. When shopping for glass for your sliding door, you will notice different types in the market.

Some are stronger than others. For example, a tempered glass door (which is very popular) easily shatter into small shards upon impact. In contrast, laminated glass tends to be more vibrant and remains in place with minimal damage even with high impact. If you already have a door, you can consider having a sliding door replacement.

Reinforce the Glass

Alternatively, reinforcing your already installed sliding door can give it extra strength. You can fix sliding glass door by applying a security film or a shatterproof film to the insides of the glass. These thin vinyl films act as shields and add a firm support layer to the glass, making it difficult to break. This keeps the burglars away and protects against strong wind and other environmental hazards.

In addition, some brands offer films that are opaque enough to prevent anyone from seeing inside while still allowing enough sunlight to seep through—therefore allowing you to enjoy maximum privacy while still enjoying the beauty of your glass door.

Glass Door Lock

Well, if you don’t have it already, you should consider installing a sliding glass lock. These locks work in addition to the regular door locks to reinforce security. They are installed on top of the sliding door where the stationary and sliding glass doors meet.

Sliding glass doors are an excellent way to ensure that any unauthorized person can’t open the door from the outside and kids can’t open it from the inside.

glass door lock repair

Alarm System & Glass Break Detector

Lately, it has been common practice for homes to have a functional alarm system. In fact, studies show that it is less likely for burglars to invade a home with an alarm system. Therefore, if you already have an alarm system (or plan to install one), request the technician connect a wire to your sliding door. This way, you will be notified if someone tries to break in through the door.

In addition, we recommend adding a glass break detector to the glass. This is an efficient way to trigger the alarm as soon as someone tries to break the sliding glass door glass.

Use Security Bar

Another simple and efficient way to reinforce the security of your sliding door is to use strong metal bars (or wood) that fold into place and brace against the door to lock it into place. This is a simple DIY sliding glass door repair that can help you save a few bucks while still keeping your door safe.

Another option is installing a barricade that prevents the door from opening from the outside. But keep in mind that you can remove and install a metal bar whenever you want, but a barricade is permanent. To check your glass sliding doors for security, you can always call 24hr Sliding Door Repair professionals at 877-299-9179.

Sliding door repair

How to Troubleshoot and Fix a Sticky Sliding Door

Oh well, now you have a sticky situation on your hands and have no idea what to do. Worry not! You have come to the right place.

Glass sliding doors are a great addition to a home. They provide a house with a convenient way to get in as much natural lighting as possible and a great view of the great outdoors. They are perfect. But they are not immune to issues and can be quite annoying sometimes.

But if you have a sticking glass door and came looking for solutions, you are in the right place. Although annoying, it is a simple sliding door repair process that even an individual with basic repair skills can do with a bit of effort.

Here is a step-by-step guide to help you with the sliding door fix.

Sliding door repair

Step 1: Clean Dirt Build-up on the Track

Glass door tracks are home for dirt, debris, hair, dead bugs, all kinds of grass, food crumbs, you name it. All the action around the door tends to leave evidence on the track in the form of dirt and debris.
Therefore, it is crucial to check and clean any residue that might get stuck in the tracks.

First, vacuum off all the big chunks that you can see, then use a soft brush to dislodge any stubborn pieces lodged deep into the tracks – move the doors around and ensure you reach every corner. Now vacuum again and leave the place squeaky clean.

Step 2: Check for Misalignment

Check for misalignment if the tracks are clean and the door is still not working correctly. Sometimes glass sliding doors can get knocked off their path, causing them to stick. However, it is a minor problem that can easily be fixed by lifting the door off slightly and re-placing it on the track. You can do it yourself or get someone to help.

To prevent this from happening in the future, always open and close your glass sliding doors gently. Avoid slamming them on the rails.

Step 3: Check the Rollers

The next step is to check the rollers. Glass sliding doors use rollers to slide on the tracks. Over time, the rollers get dirty, broken, worn out, or misadjusted, which then causes issues with the sliding. To fix a fix sliding glass door, you will need to uninstall the door from its hinges and inspect the roller while the door is on the ground.

Sliding door rollers repair

Spending on the condition of the rollers, you may need to clean, re-adjusted repair, or replace them before installing back the door. This is a simple DIY project that you can do with a helper. However, if you are in doubt, you can always call in a professional handyman.

Step 4. The Glass Sliding Door Is Just Old

If the first three steps do not work, maybe the door is just old and living its last days. An old glass sliding door might have wrapped wooden frames or dented aluminum frames that are causing problems. If this is the case, then it is time to call 24hr Sliding Door Repair professional at 877-299-9179 for a sliding glass door repair or replacement.

How To Fix Your Sliding Patio Door Track

Sliding doors are a beauty worth adding to any home. This presentable beauty of the sliding door, however, comes with some heartbreak when they refuse to either open or close smoothly or when they don’t easily open as expected. When you have such challenges in opening or closing your patio door by sliding it, this could denote that there is something which is not right with the track that needs to be checked and fixed.

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Sliding Glass Door Problems and How to Repair Them

The sliding glass doors are nowadays common to many houses in developed suburbs and modern homes. This is so because the sliding doors have truly become a major and basic option for those who have balconies, courtyards, and deck connections to their rooms. This surely presents the use of sliding glass doors in many homes to be a choice worth taking. The glass door makes you a beautiful reach to the environment outside your house coupled with a wonderful view from within the room.

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How to Repair Sliding Glass Door Rollers

To achieve a great patio, sliding glass doors provide a wonderful view of the outdoors and create space. However, they can difficult to open at times, in case this happens, you can simply clean the track, adjust it, or replace the rollers. Remove debris to clean the track. If water or dirt is left in the track it hardens the rollers on the track hence cannot open. Adjust the rollers or replace them if the sliding glass door does not open even after a thorough cleaning. It is also good to replace the sliding glass door rollers if they have been in use for many years. Here are 3 steps to help you replace the rollers yourself. (DIY)

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How to Weatherproof A Sliding Glass Door

Having a glass door means your home is exposed to weather elements because glass is a considerably poor insulator. It means on a hot day, the glass will allow the penetration of solar energy into your home. On the other hand, on a cold day, glass allows the heat inside your home to escape. It is, however, very possible to reduce the amount of heat that our home loses through the sliding glass door by replacing the doors with low-emissivity doors. The low-E doors have a unique coating, which helps in preventing the radiation of energy through the glass.

If you are a homeowner with no experience in carpentry, you will find it difficult to replace your sliding door broken glass. However, there are other ways of weatherproofing your sliding glass door, which will lower the level of energy lost through the door by a great margin.

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How Wide Is A Sliding Glass Door

All over the country, more and more people have continued to fall in love with sliding glass doors. This is, especially because of the great and continuous views that these doors offer. They also let in adequate natural light into the home. Glass doors are no longer heavy and chunky and consume less power. The quality of sliding glass doors has continued to grow by the years. Today, there are easy-to-maneuver sliding glass doors with high energy efficiency.

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How To Fix Sliding Door Lock Mechanism

Whether in private homes or commercial premises, sliding doors are very useful and easy to use. A typical sliding door has a panel section that remains closed while the other is opened. For opening and closing sliding glass doors, you will need latches or handles. Most frames used in these doors are made of aluminum, steel, or wood.

It is common for sliding doors to develop problems, especially because they get jammed. If this happens, you must never push or pull a jammed glass door because it can greatly destroy the springs and lock mechanism. Instead, it is important to seek the services of a reputable sliding door repair expert to help in correcting the damage.

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How to Adjust Sliding Glass Door

Just like any other sliding door, all other sliding glass doors have tracks. These tracks are essential in giving you an easy time closing and opening the door. The same tracks also help the roller wheels to function appropriately and with ease when directing the door. With time, it is obvious that the sliding glass door track will gather dirt. When this happens, your door will become slower when slid. This automatically calls for cleaning of the tracks. You have the option of using a toothbrush. The use of wire brush has also been common among homeowners. It is more effective for cleaning compared to a toothbrush. When you are done clearing the dirt from the track using the brush, you can suck the remaining dirt using a vacuum cleaner. This will adjust your sliding door as its smooth-rolling will be restored.

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How To Level A Sliding Glass Door

When your sliding patio door is not in a level, it becomes a disappointment to you when dealing with it. It is further shameful when you have company as it might lead to annoying squeak when you are opening or closing it. This automatically calls for the leveling of the glass sliding door. This is just another issue that you can expect in sliding door repair. There are two main ways of ensuring that this achieved. You have the option of easily altering the height of the rollers of the door. Another option is doing a wholesome replacement of the rollers.

Any standard sliding glass door is heavy. This means that it is ideally almost impossible to remove it all alone. You should seek assistance. When you are through with removing the door, ensure that you lay it down on a clear space.

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