As energy prices continue to rise, having features inside your home that help reduce heating costs is a great advantage. There are many solutions to achieve an energy-efficient home, and one of the emerging ones is low-e glass. At 24hr Sliding Door Repair, we can install this type of glass to your doors and windows. Keep reading to learn more about this glass and our services.

Low-E Glass: What Is It?

Low-e is short for low emissivity. Glass panels with this label have an invisible metallic oxide coating added to their surfaces. While the coating is not perceivable to the naked eye, it creates a layer of protection that effectively blocks UV rays and reflects heat from the sun. The coating still allows visible light to pass through, so low-e glass appears and functions like any other glass panel.

How It Works

The metallic oxide covering is thinner than human hair, visible only with a microscope. However, the material acts as essentially a mirror. Instead of reflecting visible light, the coating reflects long-wave infrared energy or heat. In addition, low-e glasses deflect a significant amount of short-wave solar energy or UV rays.

Since the low-e coating reflects all these rays from the sun, only a small amount reaches the house along with visible light. So during summer, your interiors feel much cooler, and you won’t need to pump up the AC to higher settings. The same process happens for interior sources of infrared heat. The heat from your furnace or radiator reflects back to the interiors, resulting in warmer temperatures during winter.

Applications of Low-E Glass

Energy savings are the primary advantage of low-e glass. You can reduce heat loss from windows by as much as 30% with these treated glass panels. In addition, the coating protects furnishing, curtains, and other materials from fading. UV rays break down the bonds that create hues in hardwood floors and fabric. Since low-e glass blocks UV rays, your household items can retain their vibrancy for longer.

Is It Worth It?

Yes, getting low-e glass is absolutely worth it. The initial investment will start paying off in time, lowering your energy bills and increasing the value of your home. Low-e glass is only a few dollars more expensive than regular glass, but the money you’ll save from utility bills will be more than enough to pay for the installation.

Low-E Glass Installation Services

If you’re thinking of replacing your regular glass with low-e glass, or you need a specialized type of glass for a new build property, we can take care of it. 24hr Sliding Door Repair does not just fix issues with sliding glass doors. Our experienced and dedicated team can also install new doors with low-e glass panels. We’ll work within your budget and deadline and deliver outstanding results in every project. Contact us today and let us know how we can help.

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