Malfunctioning of your sliding door lock needs immediate attention. Whenever your sliding door lock gets broken, you cannot feel safe in your own house anymore. Fixing or replacement of the lock should be done within the shortest terms not to become a victim of burglary. 24hr Sliding Door Repair is ready to help you any moment.

Sliding Door Lock in Miami

Services by 24hr Sliding Door Repair

Professionals working at our company are trained to repair and install all types of sliding door locks and security systems:

  • Security bar locks for sliding door;
  • Sliding door latches;
  • Patio door locks;
  • Mortise sliding door locks;
  • Top and bottom shoot bolts;
  • Multi-point locking systems;
  • Two-Bolt sliding door locks;
  • Double bolt sliding door lock;
  • Sliding door smart locks.

Furthermore, you may ask for a professional evaluation of your house security level and consult on the ways of its improvement. Our technicians will inform you about all possible options and help you to pick up the one, which will suit your needs best of all.

Reasons to Replace The Lock

In case the lock cannot be repaired, the only way out is to change it. There are some other reasons to replace your sliding door lock:

  • Wear and tear. Years of active usage always leave a sign on the door lock. The details may be deteriorated, so the only the installation of a new lock may guarantee you safety.
  • Need to upgrade your house security. Poor quality locks the same as an old or broken lock may put your family at risk of being robbed. A timely change of your sliding door lock will bring you peace and security.
  • Lack of curb appeal. Salty air and high humidity may damage the outer details of the lock covering them with rust. To refresh the appearance of the lock and the sliding door on the whole you need to change the lock.
  • Outdated lock. It may happen so that the details needed for your lock to be repaired are no longer produced. Hence, there is no possibility to change them and the installation of a new lock is the only option.

Sliding Door Lock Miami FL

24hr Sliding Door Repair Benefits

Choosing 24hr Sliding Door Repair, you are sure to get a top-notch service whatever the time without compromising the quality. In addition, our company offers:

  • The services of skillful and certified technicians;
  • Emergency service;
  • Coming to the call within 1 hour;
  • Manufacturer’s warranty for the installed locks and replaced details;
  • A considerable choice of locks to install;
  • Estimation of work free of charge;
  • Same day service;
  • Providing a written assessment of the job needed to be done;
  • Fair prices;
  • Quality materials.

Your sliding door lock is as important for maintaining safety as your front door lock. Don’t delay the call to ask for the help of professionals from 24hr Sliding Door Repair. We are always ready to come to the rescue.

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