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Sliding Door Shattered Glass

Is your sliding door glass cracked, or completely broken? This is a source of great danger to you and is subject to emergency repair.
The 24hr Sliding Door Repair experts take care of their customers and provide same-day glass replacement services.

Sliding Door Rollers

The professionals at 24hr Sliding Door Repair are here to solve your poorly working sliding door roller problem.
Our technicians have all the necessary parts and tools in their arsenal to repair or replace your broken sliding door rollers and wheels.

Sliding Door Track

Repairing sliding door tracks seems like something simple and appropriate for a do-it-yourself project, but it's not.
Let the 24hr Sliding Door Repair professionals perform quality track repairs so you don't have to face complications and pay double the price.

Sliding Door Lock

Since sliding door locks are used frequently, breakdowns and malfunctions of all kinds are not uncommon.
But worry no more, 24hr Sliding Door Repair provides lock maintenance, emergency replacement, or repair of sliding door locks of any configuration.

Sliding Door Handle

The handle is the most used part, and damaging it can cause a lot of unpleasant hassle as well as affect your sense of security.
Сontact 24hr Sliding Door Repair, and we'll take care of your broken sliding glass door handle to restore it to its former functionality.

Window & Screen Door Repair

If your window or screen door needs an inspection, maintenance, replacement, or emergency repair, 24hr Sliding Door Repair technicians can handle it like no other.
Our experts handle all types of sliding screen door repairs, just give us a call and we'll get it fixed.

At 24hr Sliding Door Repair, we specialize in providing top-tier sliding door repair services for Windermere and the surrounding Orlando area. Sliding glass doors are a popular feature in many homes and businesses, providing a convenient way to access outdoor spaces and bringing natural light into the interior. However, these doors can experience a variety of problems over time, such as broken glass, sticking tracks, and worn-out hardware.

Improved functionality

By fixing any underlying issues that your current sliding glass doors have, you can expect a better, more functional door. Our experts do the cleaning, lubricating, and other necessary repair and maintenance that will have your sliding glass doors gliding as if they were brand new.

Professional Sliding Glass Door Repair

A professional sliding glass door repair service can be more cost-effective, as well as much safer than attempting a DIY fix.

Safe Replacement of Glass Panes

Sliding glass door repair done by professionals eliminates the risk of having your glass doors suffer from breakage and other further complications. This service from 24hr Sliding Glass Door Repair offers a lasting solution that will provide you with years of worry-free sliding glass door operation. The long-lasting and quality workmanship will not only prolong your investment lifespan but also ensure that your sliding glass door is safe for use.

Quality Workmanship

A reputable company with the experience of 24hr Sliding Glass Door Repair has skilled technicians who can identify and fix a variety of problems, from corroded hardware to rusted screws and tracks. We use high-quality materials and equipment to ensure that your doors are repaired to the highest standards and create easy gliding from door edge to door frame with any special parts needed.

Improved Energy Efficiency

Glass doors are known as tools to save energy and money. With proper maintenance and regular sliding glass door repair services, you can ensure that your doors are energy efficient and help keep your energy bills controlled. Replacing worn-out weather sealing will allow your home’s heating and air-conditioning system to run more efficiently by containing the temperature of your home and reducing air leakage.

Sliding Door Repair Windermere Location

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    Safe Replacement of Glass Panes

    Replacing glass panes is not an easy task that any unskilled person should try. It takes professional experience and skill to ensure a safe replacement job without any risk of injury. Moreover, the cost of glass panes can be expensive. By using professional sliding glass door repair, you are 100% backed with a provider’s warranty.

    Sliding Glass Door Problems We Repair

    • Sticking doors
    • Broken or foggy glass
    • Corroded or rusted screws and hardware
    • Worn-out or damaged tracks
    • Broken or malfunctioning lock mechanisms
    • Worn-out weather stripping
    • Unbalanced or misaligned doors

    Our Sliding Glass Door Repair Process

    This overview will give you an idea on how our professionals tackle the repair and the range of services that we offer.

    Step 1: Inspection

    During the inspection, our technicians go to your property in Windermere, FL, and examine your sliding glass doors. We first clean the tracks with the door still in place to figure out whether the problem lies in the track or with the door itself. Then, we conduct further inspections on parts such as the glass, seals/weather stripping, and hardware to identify any potential problems.

    Step 2: Removing Glass Doors From the Frame

    After conducting an in-depth inspection, our technicians will begin the process of removing the glass doors from the frame. This includes the removal of wheels, rollers, or screws from the door itself. All of these components will be carefully removed in order to access the track and other parts for further inspection. Once done, we will give you a list of all the findings that need to be replaced or repaired. A rough estimate of replacement parts, repair cost, as well as how long it will take to finish the repair will be provided.

    Step 3: Cleaning and Lubricating

    Before proceeding to repair and replacement, we will clean all critical surfaces with the use of a damp cloth and alcohol or any other cleaning agent that is suitable for the job. This step is done to remove dirt, dust, debris, and other contaminants that may have piled up over time and can affect the performance of the door. Once done, we will lubricate all moving parts as well as the track to prep it for repair or installation.

    Step 4: Repair, Replacement, and Installation of Parts

    Moving forward, we begin repairing and replacing the parts identified during the first two steps. Our technicians will fix existing ones that can be saved and replace the parts that are too damaged to be salvaged in order to get your sliding glass doors back to their original working condition. They will conduct anything from fixing or replacing your sliding door weather striping, and hardware, or even repairing a broken or malfunctioning lock mechanism.

    Step 5: Reinstallation

    Once all the repairs are done and all the parts needed have been installed, our experts will begin the installation. They carefully reinstall each component, as well as make sure that the door is properly balanced and aligned before putting them back into the frame to ensure that the glass doors are properly tacked, eliminating the risk of accidents.

    Step 6: Final Check and Clean Up

    Once the job is done, we will conduct a final checkup to make sure everything is in order and to your satisfaction. We then test the sliding glass doors in front of you to make sure that they open and close just as you wanted. To save you from the hassle, our technicians will also clean up everything from the debris to the tools used during repair.

    Call us for any sliding door malfunction in Windermere, FL.

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