Patio Glass Door Repairs and Glass Replacements in Windermere, Lake Buena Vista, Winter Park, Lake Nona, Doctor Phillips

A sliding glass patio door is much more than an entry and exit; it’s a source of natural light and an added touch of style and beauty in your home.

Of course, sliding patio glass doors aren’t perfect! Accidents happen and at some point, chances are you will need to repair your patio door.

Here at 24hr Sliding Door Repair, we’re passionate about glass door repairs. We are here for you 24/7, even on weekends, for all your glass door needs.

We specialize in replacement, bottom of the door repairs, bottom track fixes, and even edge of the door repairs. We serve the greater Windermere, Lake Buena Vista, Winter Park, Lake Nona, and Doctor Phillips areas of Orange County, Florida.

Read on to learn more about all our services!

Bottom of the Door Repairs and Adjusting Screws

As you may have found out by now, there are a few issues that may happen at the bottom of your glass patio doors.

Bottom track issues are common, but our expert repairmen know how to solve them. If you notice your patio door doesn’t slide open and shut easily, it’s time to call 24hr Sliding Door Repair.

Some common reasons your track may be broken are debris accumulating in the track, corrosion due to weather, or improper installation.

Your sliding door rollers are also an issue sometimes as they can be corrupted by debris, need replacement, or are missing screws.

Everyone loves an easy fix, and sometimes that’s all you need to get your patio doors up and running again. Your doors may just need someone to turn the screw that’s loose or remove the door to clean the tracks.

We can change out your rollers, replace or install bearing wheels, and install, replace, or tighten loose screws.

Replacing a Sliding Glass Door

Sometimes, if your door has been through enough or there was an accident, it may be time to completely replace your glass door.

Patio door glass replacement is important because broken or shattered glass can result in injury to you, your family, or your pets.

Our specialists have worked with all kinds of sliding glass doors and are all certified and insured. We replace single and dual pane glass, tinted glass, low-emissivity glass panels, and doors that can fit into an aluminum, wood, or fiberglass frame.

Our experts will come to your home to take the required measurements, inspect your door frame, and give you an estimate. When we repair your door you will also get new seals and weather-stripping installation.

Fix Your Patio Glass Doors Today

Now you know all about the services we offer to make sure your sliding glass patio doors are working at their best. Whether it’s the bottom of the door, bottom track, or door panels that are the issue, we can help!

If you’re in the Orlando, Altamonte Springs, Apopka, Clermont, Haines City, Lakeland, Ocoee, Oviedo, Venice, Winter Park, Windermere, Lake Buena Vista, Winter Park, Lake Nona, or Doctor Phillips area, contact us today with any questions you may have about your glass doors.