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Sliding Door Shattered Glass

Shattered sliding door glass is not safe for you and any other inhabitant of your home. Never waste time if you find yourself in such a situation, just give us a call and we’ll fix it for you. 24hr Sliding Door Repair professionals offer same-day and emergency sliding door glass replacement services since your safety is our responsibility.

Sliding Door Rollers

Are you facing a challenge with your sliding door rollers? No worries.
24hr Sliding Door Repair has all that is needed to get the repair and replacement of your sliding door rollers or wheels.

Sliding Door Track

Sliding door track problem? You have nothing else to worry about.
Don’t be tempted to go the DIY way, as it can only lead to further complications which would be more costly to repair. Let 24hr Sliding Door Repair experts handle your case seamlessly, with the right expertise.

Sliding Door Lock

If you have any problem with your sliding door locks, contact 24hr Sliding Door Repair. We deal with lock repairs for jammed sliding doors as well as replacement and maintenance of locks. We have the answer to all your sliding door lock problems.

Sliding Door Handle

If your sliding door handles ever get damaged, don’t get stressed up over it as we are always ready to help. All you need to do is to put a call through to 24hr Sliding Door Repair, and we will take charge.
A well-functioning sliding door is your home safety and peace of mind.

Window & Screen Door Repair

24hr Sliding Door Repair will find and present you the best options for repairing sliding doors and windows.
We can service your door screen replacement and windows for affordable prices.

A DIY approach to your sliding door isn’t always an option when you’re dealing with broken glass or simply need a tune-up for your patio doors. In these scenarios, you need a team with a proven track record in sliding door repair — us.

Our family-owned business has 10+ years of experience in the sliding door repair game and has catered to the needs of every homeowner in Duval County, Florida. Trust us to ensure that your sliding doors return to their peak working condition.

We are the go-to company for the best sliding door repair service in Jacksonville. For a team that restores your sliding doors, contact us today for sliding door repairs that are:

  • Fast
  • Honest
  • Affordable
  • Done on the same day you called
  • Available 24/7

Sliding Door Shattered Glass Replacement

Shattered sliding glass panes can easily become a safety hazard for you and your family. Fix the problem by contacting us for our shattered windows glass repair service. Our same-day glass replacement service is available to you 24/7 and addresses shattered or foggy glass.

Sliding Door Roller Replacement and Repairs

Sticking doors are usually the result of damaged rollers or sliding door wheels. If your doors aren’t opening the way they used to, we are here for you. Contact our 24-hour service team for fast, affordable, and same-day roller replacements that enable your sliding doors to glide better once again.

Sliding Door Track Services

Forgetting to clean the tracks can also cause your doors to stick. However, more serious sources of sticking doors are track-related problems. These problems can take many forms and include:

  • Track debris and dirt
  • Rusted screws and hardware on the tracks
  • Old and rusty door sliders
  • Corroded tracks

Whatever is causing your doors to stick, we have the track services for you. Our 24/7 team is just a call away for any track repair services you need in Jacksonville and nearby parts of Duval County, FL.

Sliding Door Lock Services

Sliding door lock mechanisms sustain a lot of wear and tear. If left neglected, your door lock may break or malfunction, making your home a potential target for intruders.

Luckily, we’re here for you 24/7 with our sliding door lock repairs and replacements. Our services include:

  • Sliding door lock maintenance
  • Emergency lock replacements
  • Repairs of sliding door locks for sliding door type

Sliding Door Handle Services

The handle is the site of frequent manipulation, becoming vulnerable to damage and wear and tear. When they’re damaged or completely destroyed, your sliding door’s handles can create barriers as you struggle to open and close your window or patio doors.

We offer 24/7 same-day sliding door handle services. We’ll inspect your door handle and immediately replace it with one that’s perfect for your sliding door’s configurations.

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    Window and Screen Door Repair

    A damaged sliding patio door or mosquito screen door compromises your home’s protection from dust and bugs. Get it fixed today with our 24/7 window and screen door repair services.

    Our screen door repair service is one of the fastest and most trusted in Jacksonville. When you call us, our team will perform the following:

    • Inspect your screen door and its frame
    • Remove the door for you
    • Install a new mosquito screen door
    • Test the new door’s integrity
    • Re-install if there are any problems

    Besides your mosquito screen doors, we also address other door-related issues. On that note, we also offer:

    • Sliding door weather stripping
    • Window balance repair services

    Why Choose Us?

    At 24HR Sliding Door Repair, we commit to providing the best sliding door repair services in Jacksonville and nearby parts of Duval County, FL. Our services are among the most trusted and most sought-after, with countless reviews proving our excellence.

    We’re also a one-stop shop for all sliding and patio door repair services. At 24HR Sliding Door Repair, our team handles tracks, sliding door lock mechanisms, door handles, and damaged glass panes.

    With us, you get more than a door repair company. You get sliding door repair services and special parts that are:

    • Reliable
    • Insured
    • Bonded
    • Accredited

    You’ll notice our experience and expertise, from your door’s handles to the door edges.

    Experience quality and affordable 24/7 sliding door repair services in Jacksonville. Reach out for a free consultation.

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