How to Clean and Lubricate a Sliding Glass Door

If your sliding glass door is sticking or not sliding smoothly, it may be time to clean and lubricate a sliding glass door. Sliding glass doors can get dirty and dusty, and over time this can cause the door to stick or not slide as smoothly as it should. A good cleaning and lubrication will help to keep your door functioning properly. We will look at ways how to make a sliding door slide easier.

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Securing A Sliding Door

It is a no-brainer that sliding doors are a sleek and functional design that adds glamour to a home. But how safe are they? In reality, sliding glass doors can be challenging to secure and pose a safety problem when trying to keep intruders outside and kids and pets inside—they can not compare a sliding glass door to a traditional metal door or even a wooden door.

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How to Troubleshoot and Fix a Sticky Sliding Door

Oh well, now you have a sticky situation on your hands and have no idea what to do. Worry not! You have come to the right place.

Glass sliding doors are a great addition to a home. They provide a house with a convenient way to get in as much natural lighting as possible and a great view of the great outdoors. They are perfect. But they are not immune to issues and can be quite annoying sometimes.

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How To Fix Your Sliding Patio Door Track

Sliding doors are a beauty worth adding to any home. This presentable beauty of the sliding door, however, comes with some heartbreak when they refuse to either open or close smoothly or when they don’t easily open as expected. When you have such challenges in opening or closing your patio door by sliding it, this could denote that there is something which is not right with the track that needs to be checked and fixed.

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Sliding Glass Door Problems and How to Repair Them

The sliding glass doors are nowadays common to many houses in developed suburbs and modern homes. This is so because the sliding doors have truly become a major and basic option for those who have balconies, courtyards, and deck connections to their rooms. This surely presents the use of sliding glass doors in many homes to be a choice worth taking. The glass door makes you a beautiful reach to the environment outside your house coupled with a wonderful view from within the room.

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How to Repair Sliding Glass Door Rollers

To achieve a great patio, sliding glass doors provide a wonderful view of the outdoors and create space. However, they can difficult to open at times, in case this happens, you can simply clean the track, adjust it, or replace the rollers. Remove debris to clean the track. If water or dirt is left in the track it hardens the rollers on the track hence cannot open. Adjust the rollers or replace them if the sliding glass door does not open even after a thorough cleaning. It is also good to replace the sliding glass door rollers if they have been in use for many years. Here are 3 steps to help you replace the rollers yourself. (DIY)

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How to Weatherproof A Sliding Glass Door

Having a glass door means your home is exposed to weather elements because glass is a considerably poor insulator. It means on a hot day, the glass will allow the penetration of solar energy into your home. On the other hand, on a cold day, glass allows the heat inside your home to escape.

It is, however, very possible to reduce the amount of heat that our home loses through the sliding glass door by replacing the doors with low-emissivity doors. The low-E doors have a unique coating, which helps in preventing the radiation of energy through the glass.

If you are a homeowner with no experience in carpentry, you will find it difficult to replace your sliding door broken glass. However, there are other ways of weatherproofing your sliding glass door, which will lower the level of energy lost through the door by a great margin.

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How Wide Is A Sliding Glass Door

All over the country, more and more people have continued to fall in love with sliding glass doors. This is, especially because of the great and continuous views that these doors offer. They also let in adequate natural light into the home. Glass doors are no longer heavy and chunky and consume less power. The quality of sliding glass doors has continued to grow by the years. Today, there are easy-to-maneuver sliding glass doors with high energy efficiency.

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How To Fix Sliding Door Lock Mechanism

Whether in private homes or commercial premises, sliding doors are very useful and easy to use. A typical sliding door has a panel section that remains closed while the other is opened. For opening and closing sliding glass doors, you will need latches or handles. Most frames used in these doors are made of aluminum, steel, or wood.

It is common for sliding doors to develop problems, especially because they get jammed. If this happens, you must never push or pull a jammed glass door because it can greatly destroy the springs and lock mechanism. Instead, it is important to seek the services of a reputable sliding door repair expert to help in correcting the damage.

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How to Adjust Sliding Glass Door

Just like any other sliding door, all other sliding glass doors have tracks. These tracks are essential in giving you an easy time closing and opening the door. The same tracks also help the roller wheels to function appropriately and with ease when directing the door. With time, it is obvious that the sliding glass door track will gather dirt. When this happens, your door will become slower when slid. This automatically calls for cleaning of the tracks. You have the option of using a toothbrush. The use of wire brush has also been common among homeowners. It is more effective for cleaning compared to a toothbrush. When you are done clearing the dirt from the track using the brush, you can suck the remaining dirt using a vacuum cleaner. This will adjust your sliding door as its smooth-rolling will be restored.

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