To achieve a great patio, sliding glass doors provide a wonderful view of the outdoors and create space. However, they can difficult to open at times, in case this happens, you can simply clean the track, adjust it, or replace the rollers. Remove debris to clean the track. If water or dirt is left in the track it hardens the rollers on the track hence cannot open. Adjust the rollers or replace them if the sliding glass door does not open even after a thorough cleaning. It is also good to replace the sliding glass door rollers if they have been in use for many years. Here are 3 steps to help you replace the rollers yourself. (DIY)

Step 1: How to Remove the Door from the Track

To remove the door from the track is so easy. It involves lifting of the door into the track then pulling the bottom towards the inside. The doors should ride on the rollers. They should not touch the bottom of the track. If they touch the bottom of the door, then it will be difficult to remove them since they will have stuck. It’s advisable to protect the inside of the floor so that it doesn’t scratch the tiles or any paintings in the process. Continue with the lifting of the door until the top of the door comes free from the upper track. If you have problems with your glass doors, rollers or bolts don't estimate to call or email us and get cost effective solution.

Step 2: How to Replace the Rollers

Right at the bottom of the door there are the rollers, you will have to remove any screws on the assembly. We have two ways of replacing rollers, which are, replacing the whole assembly or rollers only. Also, remember that only similar assemblies will work so the exact assemblies for replacement are important. For replacement assembly they usually have screws and nuts, so you have to be sure of adequate space for the screw and nut if it’s only the roller being replaced. Put into the door frame the new assembly or the rollers that were old in the same way as they were brought out. Don’t forget to put the fastening screws into the frame as they were earlier. It is advisable to adjust the rollers into the door to make installing the door easier.

The door is then returned in its original position by putting it into the upper track then sliding the bottom of the door over the lower track. The center of the door should be in line with that of track the roller rides on, nevertheless, it can be corrected in case it doesn’t fit properly.

Step 3: How to Adjust the Rollers

Finally, using a screwdriver, turn the screw until the door is lifted from the bottom track. As the screw is drove in, it lifts the roller wheel down which in turn pushes the door up. To lift the roller down and the door up, the screw is rotated in a clockwise motion. It is also important to turn it the other way based on the assembly that is the best fit for your door. As the roller gets into contact with the track and starts to lift the door, the turning of the screw becomes tough. It is not wise to lift the door so far because this may make the roller to come out of the track and hence make the bottom of the door to move on sideways. While you adjust the screw the door raises so that it doesn’t drag on the bottom or stuck the door.