All over the country, more and more people have continued to fall in love with sliding glass doors. This is, especially because of the great and continuous views that these doors offer. They also let in adequate natural light into the home. Glass doors are no longer heavy and chunky and consume less power. The quality of sliding glass doors has continued to grow by the years. Today, there are easy-to-maneuver sliding glass doors with high energy efficiency.

What is the standard size for a sliding glass door

An ideal sliding glass door with the frame should have a height of about 6ft 8.7” (2094 mm). Its width should be 5ft 8.7” (1790 mm). However, the overall size will always vary from home to home, depending on the size of the home.

There are sliding doors that are professionally designed to have frames and allow more light to come in. This is especially common with timber aluminum and timber uPVC sliding glass doors.

Update your home with a stylish sliding glass door

Air aluminum sliding glass doors are some of the best quality sliding glass doors you can ever find in the market. Their rollers are made of stainless steel, making them very strong. You do not have to struggle pushing and heaving, as common with most sliding doors. With these great rollers, you can slide large glass panes, up to weights as high as 300kg without having to use a lot of force.

These sliding doors are very efficient when it comes to energy consumption. They also have very low heat loss. Also, you can have these doors in virtually any color that you want. For dual-color frames, you can use one color outside the home, and another color that matches it for the interior. Another outstanding feature of these sliding glass doors is that they come with a 25-year warranty. From this alone, you are assured of the quality of the doors. Visit us for a chance to see our great display.

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