Proudly serving the area of South Florida, 24 Hr Sliding Door Repair is a glass and door repair company ready to serve all your needs. Being competitively priced, their glass experts pay extra close attention to all the details.

Sliding Glass Door Track

One little hiccup can make it nearly impossible to shut your sliding glass doors. If there is trouble with the track, it can disturb the proper work of the sliding door. This part of the hardware is crucial in making your sliding door accessible as damage to the track can make the door impossible to close if stuck open or on the contrary, impossible to open at all.

Glass Door Experts

Our 24 Hr Sliding Glass Door experts can eliminate this problem in no time. Many clients find that they aggravate the problem if they attempt to solve it themselves, thus damaging much more than just the track. Delaying a solution can also put your house at risk of being broken into and your possessions stolen.

Causes of Track Breakage

if you are trying to determine how this could have possibly happened, know that many things can damage your door track. An accumulation of debris, such as dirt, sand, or dust can make the door much harder to slide across the track. High humidity or heat in your area could also cause erosion of the track. It is also possible that the door track has been bent or was installed improperly. Whatever the reason may be, it can be fixed quickly with our glass experts whether it needs to be replaced or just need a thorough cleaning.

Sliding Door Track Repair Pricing

Now that you know your sliding glass door needs a repair, I am sure you’re wondering how much this is going to cost you. The average cost of repair can fall anywhere between $75-$250. It’s important to keep in mind that a new sliding door track can cost up to $100 depending on the size and model. When you’re collecting quotes, keep in mind that the track may not actually need to be replaced. Oftentimes the track just needs to be thoroughly cleaned or a technician can install a cover piece to act as a new track instead of installing a brand new one. Whatever your budget may be, there are multiple options to fit your needs.

What is the Average Cost of Sliding Glass Door Track Repairs?

Sliding Glass Door Track Costs (Average)

Extent of RepairCost
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