You will need someone to help you when you want to remove a sliding door due to how heavy the door can be. If your door has a problem and cannot open properly or if you need to replace it, you will have to remove it. You may need the services of an expert, but if you have someone to help, it won’t be difficult to remove the sliding door to avoid the risk of breaking it.

To remove the sliding door, you will need a flathead screwdriver, Philips screwdriver, and foam sheets.

Door Removing Instructions

Sliding doors are heavy, so try to have somebody to help. You will need to restore both the and the frame when you are done removing the sliding door. And regardless of whether the is already scratched at the time you are removing the sliding door, you must be careful not to completely break the in the process. For more information call our 24hr Sliding Door Repair, we work 24/7.

Step 1: Floor Preparation

This is the first step when removing your sliding glass door to slide door repair Ensure you protect the glass by spreading some padding like foam sheets on the floor. This will not only protect the glass from breaking but will also help to avoid scratching or chipping the floor. If the door has a screen, start by removing it.

Step 2: Remove the Screen Door

If your sliding glass door has a screen door, then that is where to start, otherwise, skip this step. First, open the door. Your helper should then lift the screen door slightly as you insert the flathead screwdriver at the bottom, and use it to lift the rollers off the track. Do the same for the upper part.

Step 3: Remove Stationary Door

This refers to the fixed side that remains to stand whenever you push the sliding door. If this door makes it difficult to remove the sliding door from the house, you will need to remove it also. Spry a flathead screwdriver to eliminate the threshold, then unscrew the brackets from the top, middle, and bottom of the door. Next, lift the door completely off the bottom track, then let your helper assist you in tilting and removing the door from the upper track.

Step 4: Removing the Sliding Door

To ensure the door comes out easily, you should first slide it until you see an indent in the track. Using the Phillips screwdriver, turn the screws holding the rollers counterclockwise. This should pull up the rollers, leaving the door fully sitting on the track, so you can easily lift it out of the frame. Tilt the door to enable it to leave the track fully.

By following these easy and outright instructions, you will be able to remove the sliding glass door easily. However, if you still do not make it even after all these, you will need to look for an expert to help you. This will help you to ensure that your sliding glass door is removed safely without damaging the glass or any other part. Maybe you need repair sliding door handle.

The door should then be thoroughly cleaned to ensure it slides smoothly once returned.